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The Children of Light Conference
June 13-16 2018 in Denver, Colarado 
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The Children of Light Conference

June 18 -22, 2014 in Salt Lake City Utah

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Lightworkers Midwest Conference

September 27-29, 2013

A High Energy Inspirational Conference for the Purpose of Moving Humanity Forward

In the Chicago Area  in Lisle, Il at Benedictine University Krasa Center


I'll be performing at this amazing conference on Friday 9/27 in the evening and throughout the weekend.  If you're in the area, (and even if you're not), you have to be there. 


My music video is finally released. Watch it right now:   We're All Still Here.

We're All Still Here is a dance song about how we all survived December 21st, 2012 and the video is so much fun.  The song is also available on ITunes.
Thank you for your love and support. Thank you in advance for sharing this video on Facebook and emailing everyone you know who will love it and want to share it.


I created this song and video to help us laugh a little at our collective fears about December 21st, 2012, a date used as a backdrop for doomsday movies, TV shows, YouTube videos and books that have scared the hell out us. The song is a joyous post-Dec. 21st anthem of celebration,  Its major theme is in the chorus, "We're all still here, alive. There's a party and it’s worldwide. So, throw your hands up high cause we made it here alright". By the middle of the video, we've already made it safely to December 22nd. When people see or imagine a positive outcome in advance, it helps them to chill out and expect to be okay. And laughter is such good medicine.


The talent in this hysterical video is outstanding. It features comedian Liam McEneany and New Realities TV host Alan Steinfeld along with my dear friend and spiritual diva, Laurelle Rethke. Liam's concert movie, "Tell Your Friends" was released in December 2012.  See it. Robert Taylor Junior, a stunning performer and finalist on the TV show "So You Think You Can Dance", makes a phenomenal dance appearance you can’t miss. Sali Oguri is hilarious as the news reporter in the opening scene. The video also features brilliant performances by writer/comedian Henry Harvey and Gwynedd Vetter-Drusch as "Crystal Girl".  Total swag superstar DJ X-ray shows up for the grand finale in Washington Square Park, sending the video into off-the-charts-joy mode. So many talented people performed in this video that I can't mention them all here. You'll have to check the YouTube Credits.  It was shot and edited by the super-talent team of Dustin Tolman and Jonathan Jordan at Midas Management. I am thrilled and grateful to have all these incredible people in my video and in my life.


I wrote the song. It was produced by me and the seriously-talened Adam Small.  Adam programmed the track in L.A. and we worked over the phone. The track is burning because of him. He also mixed it. Adam's composed so much music for TV that it makes my head spin a little deciding which credits to mention, (Comedy Central, Lifetime, M-TV, Discovery... ). As a bassist, he performed with the legendary Bernie Worrell of Parliment-Funkadelic. The song was mastered by Chris Gehringer, senior mastering engineer at Sterling Sound.  If Chris is good enough for Adam Lambert, Rihanna and Lady Gaga, I guess he's good enough for me.

All the vocals were recorded in New York City at Think Big by one of my bestiest-best friends, Barry Goldstein.  Barry also brainstormed ideas with me for the video storyline. For those of you who don't have the pleasure of knowing Barry, among his musical contributions is his production of Les Paul's Grammy Award winning song, "69 Freedom Special".


Thanks to Westerly Natural Market for letting us shoot while customers were shopping. Thanks to Arrow Bar for opening early to let us film the insane pre-end-of-the-world scene. You've got to see the video  to understand. Thanks to photographer Bob Scofield for shooting "store camera footage". Thanks to my Grammy-nominated recording engineer brother, Steve Eigner, for hooking up my original song demo. Thanks to Vaios Soriano and Mike Diana or making the beautiful signs featured in the video. Thanks to Anise White for her support. Thanks to my other bestiest-best friend, Dave Markowitz, who cheered me on through the whole process and authored one of the funniest lines in the video. Thanks to my BGS (beautiful goddess sister), Laurelle Rehtke for helping with every aspect of the music video. Hey, sis, maybe you can finally get some sleep now. Thanks to my mom and Brian, who put up with my big ideas and manage to remain supportive, even when I'm losing it.

Once again, thanks to ALL of you for your love and support. Thank you for enjoying and sharing this joyous post-2012 anthem.   Here's the video link

With Big Mega-Bunches of Love,


June 20-23, 2012

The Children of the Light Conference

I had an amazing time performing and participating in The Children of the Light Conference in Denver, Colorado.  It was a joy to perform my original music and to hear from the participants that they can feel my love and my intention for them  -- to see themselves as the masters they are.   It was so much fun to perform with Barry Goldstein and Shawn Gallaway and to reconnect with so many friends and colleagues in consciousness.  The highlight of this special, sacred event of course was 333 participants joined together as a beacon of light for the highest intentions of prayer.  Joe Crane, who created this event, speaks to Archangel Michael like you and I speak to our co-workers.  Read about Joe and this sacred event at his website.



Monthy Event  - Be An Angel

Join the "BE THE ANGEL" monthly open prayer group on Facebook. 

Each group member is an angel.  You really are.  You pray for an angel.  An angel prays for you.  We agree to pray 3-5 mins a day in the month we RSVP for.   What an amazing group of angels we have!  Come join us.